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Shellcoin crypto currency

Welcome to Shellcoin

SHELL is a PoS-based cryptocurrency and dependent upon libsecp256k1.

A breakthrough crypto currency offering escrow and secure anonymous transactions ShellStores with Masternode services with mobile access. SHELL includes an Address Index feature, based on the address index API (searchrawtransactions RPC command) implemented in Bitcoin Core but modified implementation to work with the SHELL codebase (PoS coins maintain a txindex by default for instance). Initialize the Address Index By Running with -reindexaddr Command Line Argument. It may take 10-15 minutes to build the initial index.


Download the Windows wallet here

Courtesy from CooleRRSA: (April'17) Wallet + database at 715423 block Instructions:

    Turn on and Turn off for first time your Shellcoin-qt.exe
    THEN, search in your PC for %appdata% (so you can open the Roaming directory) and inside Shell directory
    Copy the contain of data directory to (/Roaming/) Shell directory
    Turn on again Shellcoin-qt.exe and follow the "New peers for Shellcoin instrucctions" above

Android: here

Android (Mega): here

Mirror Windows wallet here

MAC: here

Shell development tree
Money supply: 23.138.700 SHELL
July'17 Created: 19.414.096 SHELL

NEW peers for SHELLCOIN (JULY 2017)


Help >> Window >> Console and write (in console):
addnode add

Shellnode Bitbucket.com

Visit https://kryptoszene.de/exchanges/ to learn about Bitcoin Exchanges.

Live Price in Coinmarketcap.com


Trade shellcoins in bitcoinup.io


Follow Shellcoin in Twitter 

Shellcoin Forum in Bitcointalk.org 

Source code: https://bitbucket.org/shellnode/shell 

Source code: cryptocointalk.com 


SHELLCOINS free for you

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A Shellcoin User, Asin y Palacios 14, Zaragoza, Aragon, 50009, Spain
Phone: +34876012930   
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